Dining and Bourbon House
Main Menu

The menu is a mix of traditional South-Eastern regional cuisines with worldly influences. Menu’s change seasonally and based on product availability.
Be sure to ask about the daily specials!


Truffle Fries
Hand-cut fries with parmesan truffle, and herbs

Frog Legs
Frog legs deep fried with a spicy maple glaze

Ask your server about today’s selection
$19.00 / $30.00


Mixed greens, shaved parm, fennel, orange vinaigrette

Harvest (V)
Brussel sprouts, butternut squash, onion, garlic, kale, honey ginger miso
$9.00 / 15.00

Hangar steak with mixed greens, chimichurri, pickled onions, poblano ranch


Pinnacles Burger
6 oz. beef burger on a pretzel bun with muenster, dressed and served with hand-cut fries

Mozz Chick
Mozzarella stuffed chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto. Served with orzo, roasted red peppers, shallots, olives, garlic, and chickpeas

Pan-seared trout with onions, zucchini, mushroom, broccolini, and chow chow

Pork Chop
Coffee-crusted Berkshire pork chop with collard greens, and goat cheese mashed potatoes

8 oz. filet with fingerlings, aleppo sage oil, grilled asparagus, and yard onion gremolata

We source responsibly from sustainable and local sources as much as possible. Some menu items may become unavailable from time to time based on sourcing.